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Presentation & Product demo

Competitive product analysis for the motorcycle industry

WheelsToMarket is “the” reliable point of access to up-to-date and ready-to-be-used product information.

Target audience

The WheelsToMarket service offering is aimed at motorcycle professionals that require accurate information about their competitor's product offering.

  • Analysts can now spend time doing analysis work rather than gathering information
  • Commercial projects now have instant access to the unique selling points and advantages of any motorbike out there
  • Users of internal or bespoke information systems can get secure data feeds delivered

Key features

  • The application provides the analytical tools to instantly perform relevant product/market comparisons
  • The data included in this service is strictly first-hand obtained from the motorcycle maufacturers and honed to perfection by our own research team
  • By design WheelsToMarket allows full user control of all analysis parameters and caters for customers propriety data to be incorporated in a secure way
  • Because of its intuitive interface WheelsToMarket is easily accessible for one-time and first-time users
  • WheelsToMarket provides a secure and open data source platform for legacy and bespoke systems at the customer site


We were awarded the "European Seal of Excellence 2011" for our WheelsToMarket Workbench application